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Petzlife Oral Care Gel With Salmon Oil 4oz


Petzlife Oral Care Gel With Salmon Oil 4oz
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Dental health is critical to your dogs overall well-being, and our revolutionary periodontal program is a healthy, holistic approach to oral care . The all-natural ingredients safely remove plaque and tartar, reverse oral disease, promote healthy gums, brighten teeth and kill the bacteria that causes bad breath. Anesthesia and scaling is not the only answer to cleaning your pets teeth. Why subject your precious pet to the risk of Anesthesia shock, or worse when there is a safe alternative. Oral Care Spray or Oral Care Gel destroys plaque and the harmful bacteria associated with it. Petzlife Oral Care Spray and Petzlife Oral Care Gel are 100% natural. Petzlife is the healthy, safe and cost effective way to maintain and improve your pet"s dental health. Petzlife is designed to work for all breeds of dogs and cats. When used on your pets teeth, this all-natural formula immediately softens tartar and plaque. With regular use, it creates a smooth barrier that prevents further tartar and plaque buildup. Dental disease is as common in dogs and cats as in humans. The most common form of dental disease in humans is cavities. This is not the case in animals. The most common form of dental disease in pets is tartar build-up. This causes irritation of the gums around the base of the teeth (gingivitis), resulting in exposure of the roots of the teeth. Ultimately, this leads to infection, pain, and tooth loss. Proper teeth cleaning is necessary to minimize the effects of periodontal disease. Petzlife proudly stands behind all their products. They guarantee results. Your pet will be healthier, have fresher breath and you have saved yourself the cost and concerns related to anesthesia. Apply directly into pet"s mouth. If you have difficulty applying the product in pet"s mouth, just pat some gel on the outside of the lips and he or she will lick it off. You can also put a small amount of peanut butter in their dish and squeeze the gel on top. For cats, put some gel directly on the top of their paws and they will lick it off.


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