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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no formula to follow when purchasing a puppy online.  Here are a few tips to make sure that you protect yourself and your investment.

1. Avoid sending money through Western Union since there is no way to protect the funds.

2. Consider using PayPal or another escrow service during your purchase so that your money is protected.

3. Never let e-mail be the only form of contact between you and the seller.  It is best to walk away from any and all sales where the seller refuses to give you a telephone number or claims that their phone is out of service.

4. Ask for additional pictures of the puppy that you are interested in purchasing.  To ensure that the puppy is in fact in the breeder's possesion, request that a specific item be included in the picture such as a paper with your last name on it, soda can, etc.

5. Be sure to ask plenty of specific questions about the breeder's policies, such as if the puppies come with any type of health warranty, registration papers, shot records, etc.  Make sure you are clear about what is being provided to you and what is not.

No, viewing ads are free however there is a $1..00 charge for viewing the contact information, Special Offers, Reviews, Testimonials,Blog and Specail of the day.  We are hoping this minimum fee will deter scammer from using this website and brings people who are truly looking for a puppy and not just looking.   

This fee may or may not deter scammers with this in mind, be careful of any scammers that may try to send you e-mails or otherwise get into contact with you.  We caution you to never send money to other countries and to be very careful when issuing money orders and checks.  Always make sure that any form of payment provided by the buyer clears your bank prior to the puppy leaving your kennel.

The monthly fee is $10.00.  You can also pay an additional $5.00 per month to have you puppies
featured.  Featured puppies are listed privately on a separate featured page as well as being listed ahead of the
non-featured puppies in each category. 

Contact us! We’re very friendly and will help you to the best of our abilities.