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House breaking

There are several commonly used methods of house training, the Direct Method,Paper Method and the Potty times training method which will be discussed in detail.   The Direct Method is used for teaching your dog to relieve himself outdoors and the Paper Method is used to teach indoor dogs designated places to relieve themselves.  Remember consistency is the key to house training as well as training in general.


Potty Time Chimes Training Method

Consistency is key in training your dog with Potty Time Chimes, just like in any other training method. Training shouldn't take more than a couple of days, depending on your training effort and consistency. The bell training method must consist of ringing the bells each and every time you take your dog outside to go potty.


Getting Started


Hang your set of Potty Time Chimes on the inside of your door that you use to take your dog outside. The Potty Time Chimes should stay on your door at all times so that your dog can use them when needed.

Step 1:

Every time you take your dog out the door, say a simple command (outside, potty, etc.), then hit the dogs paw or nose against the bells. This will teach the dog that every time it has to go potty, it needs to ring the Potty Time Chimes. Everyone who takes the dog out to go potty should use the same command and make the dog ring the bells, if not the dog will get confused.

Step 2:

After stating the command and your dog ringing the bells, follow through with letting or taking your dog outside to go potty. It is important that you go outside with your dog when potty training it. You never want to assume that your dog has gone potty. You will generally always assume wrong. Once your dog is completely potty trained and has learned the concept of using the bell, some like to have another set of bells on the outside so that if your dog is in your fenced in yard and they want to come back inside they can also ring the bells.

Step 3:

Once your dog has rang the bells and gone potty outside, you need to Praise, Praise, Praise, Praise, your dog. The one thing to remember is that your dog will never do a better thing then potty outside. Unless of course you are an avid hunter and it retrieves its first duck